Core Skills and Activities

Core business

R&D in remote sensing applications in flooding and hydrodynamics

Products and services

  • Remote sensing and computer simulations of flood hazard at local to global scales;
  • Flood disaster response assistance with Earth Observation (EO) products and services;
  • Flood event re-analysis using EO data and computer models.
  • Expert consulting services in remote sensing and modeling of flood hazard and risk

Technical means

  • More than 10 years of expertise in academia and R&D in the field of remote sensing (in particular radar) and computer simulations of flood hazard
  • Experience in IoT, in particular using open geospatial web services

Main customers

  • Applied research funding from government, space agencies, private sector companies, public institutions, NGOs and international organisations
  • Development aid organisations
  • Humanitarian response organisations
  • Private sector